Tool Drop! Port Knocker. by Ben from 6 Jan 2017

It's been a while since I have been able to post anything. But I wanted to bring the new year in with a bit of style. So I give to you... free of charge... The Port Knocker.

It is a simple portscanner that scans for open TCP ports on any given IP. As with my Ping Scanner this is a simple single function purpose built program. I am trying to focus on ease of use. When the program loads it finds the IP of your system. If you where to click "Knock Knock" immediately you would then scan every port on your computer. Or you can change the IP to scan any IP you wish. The Port Knocker will then display the results of a connection attempt to all possible 65535 TCP ports at the IP you have entered. That may be a bit much for some people. We really only care about the open ports after all. So, you can simply check the "Open only" option to display only the ports that are found to be open. Maybe you dont care about scanning all 65535 ports? Well, you can set the range of ports you wish to scan by changing the values in the in the port range box. You can save to output to a CSV file which can be opened by Excel or LibreOffice. To do this simply check the "Safe output?" box and type in the location on your computer that you would like to save the output CSV file to.

Updates - Fixed and issue with the text not displaying correctly. - Turned off wordwrap on textbox. - Recoded the self updating mechanism and made more changes around moving to Visual Studios. - Moved from Sharpdelevop to Visual Studios 2017. Some minor bug fixes and variable name changes. Minor UI tweaks. - Added the IP, Hostname, and Timestamp columns to the output. - Re-write of the program using the Sharpdelevop IDE. No longer an installable program, now it is a standalone EXE that doesnt not require installation. Reorganized the UI and added a browse button to make saving the output easier. - Identified a scenario in which only the localhost was being port scanned. Now prorperly closes all ports instead of leaving them open after their status is determined. - Added the ability to set a port range. Corrected link address issue with the auto updater.

To download Port Knocker click here.

Similar to the Ping Scanner this program checks for updates every time you open it. So you can rest assured that as I improve the Port Knocker or any program I put out you will get the latest and greatest simply by using my tools. Also as always the full source code and project file is made available as well; you can look at it yourself by clicking here.

It seems that the Port Knocker is now getting flagged as potential malware by Windows Defender. I am completely unsure why that would be the case but I will be investigating further.

To add some extra assurance that I am not trying to get people infected with anything nasty I have ran the program through Virus Total and it did not detect a single bad thing. You can check out the results page for yourself by clicking here.