HiHoHiHo Its back to Visual Studios we go. by Ben from 13 January 2019

So... I have been trying SharpDevelop for some time to make my programs and such with. Why? Because I was trying to reduce my reliance on Microsoft when it come to development. Mainly I was concerned that if I ever become serious as a developer I think that Visual Studios is kinda expensive. I know that I can use the community version for free. But $1200 should I go pro is pretty steep IMHO. SharpDevelop, for what it is, is super great. It handles my crappy level of newbie programing just fine. It has almost all the features that I want. So what is the problem with SharpDevelop? Nothing, except that it hasn't been updated since 2016. I think it may be dead. I can't be releasing up to date software with an IDE that itself isn't up to date.

So Because of this, I am going back to Visual Studios. I mean, there really is now other options out there. Plus, I also would also like to dabble in game dev some. I would like to put out an Android game or two. For this I have downloaded Unity and will be trying my hand at some Android game dev.

Also, I am going to take this as an opportunity re-write all my applications and possibly rework their UI layout. I also want to fix a number of issues that I have found over time. Plus I think this would also be a good time to learn how to spool threads properly.